Welcome to AromaTalk!

Welcome to AromaTalk

I'm pleased to announce the launch of AromaTalk and welcome you to its pages. AromaTalk is the blog for AromaWeb (www.aromaweb.com), the most well recognized informational aromatherapy site online.

Although I host over 300 pages of detailed aromatherapy articles, essential oil and carrier oil profiles, aromatherapy recipes, business directories and more on AromaWeb, I have been eager to establish AromaTalk as an added way for me to share timely aromatherapy information, announce AromaWeb's newest content additions and share additional tips, recipes and suggestions with you. I am also especially looking forward to using AromaTalk as a way to keep in touch with you and all of AromaWeb's visitors.

AromaTalk will also give me the opportunity to share information about a range of other topics that I am passionate about and that complement aromatherapy: natural health, herbalism, nutrition, natural skin & hair care, fitness, and green living.

Thank you for visiting AromaTalk. Join with me in making AromaTalk a welcome resource for all aromatherapy enthusiasts by responding to the posts that interest you and sharing your comments. If you prefer not to post publically or wish to make a private suggestion... or if you simply wish to say "hi," feel free to e-mail me at aromatalk@gmail.com.


Wendy Robbins
AromaWeb, LLC