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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Thanksgiving


I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe, heartwarming, and aromatic extended Thanksgiving holiday week.

Through AromaWeb, I strive to focus upon the positives in life, but the reality is that Thanksgiving is not a day of celebration for everyone.

If this Thanksgiving is a difficult day for you or if it is filled with mixed emotions, essential oils may help support you emotionally. AromaWeb's Recipe Box features an array of blends and recipes that have the potential to help.

If you are saddened by the loss of a loved one, look to AromaWeb's Blends to Help Cope with Grief page. Rose Otto (Rose Essential Oil) or Rose Absolute is the oil of choice for me when dealing with grief, and it has special significance for me around Mother's Day.

If Thanksgiving this year leaves you feeling anxious or nervous, look to AromaWeb's Calming/Relaxing Aromatherapy Blend and Blends to Combat Anxiety.

These blends can also be especially helpful:

Anger Reducing Blends

Confidence Enhancing Blends

Depression Reducing Blends

Energizing Blends

Fear Fighting Blends

Happiness and Peace Enhancing Blends

Insomnia/Sleeplessness Blend

Irritability Reducing Blends

Loneliness Easing Blends

Panic and Panic Attack Blends

Self Confidence/Insecurity Blends

Stress Reducing Blends

As I spend this week reflecting upon all of my blessings, I consider myself especially blessed for the ongoing support that I receive from AromaWeb's wonderful advertisers and frequent visitors. I am grateful for your enthusiasm and the helpful feedback that you have shared with me over the course of each year.

Essential Oil Recipe for Celebrating, Giving Thanks and Expressing Gratitude
The essential oils used in this recipe are wonderfully suited for special moments of celebration and giving thanks. This blend is suitable for use at Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

Essential Oil Blends Suitable for Thanksgiving and Cooler Autumn Temperature
Even though many areas of the United States have been enduring pre-mature frigid winter temperatures, look to AromaWeb's Essential Oils for Autumn Guide to view essential oils and suggested blends perfectly suited for diffusing in rooms that aren't already fragrant by the smell of holiday cooking.

Once again, wishing that you are able to have a joyful and safe Thanksgiving and a lovely transition into the Christmas and holiday seasons.



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