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Labor Day Weekend and Rosemary Essential Oil

September Outdoor SceneWishing everyone a pleasant and safe Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Each year, Americans and Canadians celebrate Labor/Labour Day on the first Monday of September. Labor Day is a day intended to honor workers and offer a day of relaxation.

Read below to learn how I use Rosemary Essential Oils to stay alert, focused and energized as I work from my home office.

With Labor Day typically falling right around the start of school, I don't remember ever being taught about the history or depth of meaning of the holiday. Do you? Visit one or all of the following sites for answers to your questions regarding the origins of Labor Day:

Rosemary Essential Oil for Concentration while Working or Studying:

Labor Day marks a time when students and teachers say goodbye to summer and rev up for school. Fall also earmarks a busier workload for quite a few professions. Our ability to focus can be even more challenging while working and learning during the pandemic.

Sprigs of RosemaryLook to Rosemary Essential Oil as the oil of choice when you need help in focusing, concentrating and recalling what you learn for extended periods.

I love diffusing Rosemary in my diffuser. (View AromaWeb's All About Diffusers article for information on different diffuser methods). Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Spearmint Essential Oil are all energizing oils. Combine Rosemary and one or both of the mints in a diffuser as a powerful combination for staying alert and focused. If studying and working has you stressing, try combining Rosemary with calming Lavender Essential Oil. Experiment with uplifting and energizing Orange Essential Oil as well. Cypress Essential Oil is also an exceptional oil for helping to stay clear-thinking and focused. Be sure to follow all safety precautions for each essential oil that you use.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and the transition to Fall!


Wendy Robbins

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