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Thank You

Thank You

Soon, I plan to write more about how essential oils can be supportive during profoundly stressful and fearful times.

In the meantime, I'd love to extend my deepest gratitude to all of the healthcare providers, first responders, the staff of businesses deemed necessary/essential and to all of the many other heroes that are showing the best in humanity right now. Thank you so very much.



Essential Oils for St. Patrick's Day

An essential oil that first comes to my mind for use in the diffuser on St. Patrick's Day is Spearmint Essential Oil. Like its beautiful green leaves, spearmint is often is represented by the color green (i.e. in mints, gums and candies). It is a fresh, clean-smelling, energizing oil that is perfectly befitting the day and transition of seasons. It doesn't overpower as easily as Peppermint Essential Oil can.

Here in the northern hemisphere, Spring will be officially arrive in a few not-soon-enough-to-get-here days. Although it is still too cool for my spearmint to once again begin to grow, my mint plants are typically the first to greet me as soon as the weather warms up enough. [Read AromaTalk's Growing and Enjoying Peppermint, Spearmint and Other Mint Plants.]

On St. Patrick's Day, try diffusing a little Spearmint Essential Oil or create a refreshing room spray.

Aromahead also suggests Sweet Basil, Palmarosa, Lime or Siberian Fir as green oils lovely for the day. View Aromahead Blog's Green Oils to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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