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Essential Oils Are Not Collectibles

Featured Article on AromaWeb: Essential Oils Are Not Collectibles

It's understandable that we instinctively lean towards use of collectible and collection terminology when referring to essential oils.

I do feel that regardless of our personal stance on the topic, that it's important that we all do give the concept of "collecting" essential oils some thought and consideration.

Even when we use the term "essential oil collection," it can be helpful to consider that essential oils aren't really collectibles. There are underlying drawbacks that can occur when thinking of essential oils as something to "collect." Whether owning 3 different essential oils or 50+ essential oils, our mindset regarding how we acquire, store and use essential oils can make a huge difference.

The article addresses the shelf life of essential oils (they do have a shelf life unlike most "collectibles"), the conservation of essential oil bearing plants, the competitive "collection" nature amongst some oily friends as well as a few other key considerations.

Please take a moment to read AromaWeb's Essential Oils Are Not Collectibles article to learn more.

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