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Using Essential Oils to Help Balance Your Chakras

Guide to Essential Oils and the Chakras on AromaWeb

AromaWeb offers a multi-part guide that introduces the concept of chakras and explains how essential oils can help support and bring them into balance.

Even if you question if the chakras truly exist, the underlying principles of the chakras can still play a special part during prayer, meditation or when trying to improve your physical, spiritual or emotional outlook.

The guide provides detailed profiles for each of the seven primary chakras and provides a list of the essential oils that are said to help support the corresponding chakra. Each essential oil listed is linked to its corresponding detailed profile.

View AromaWeb's
Guide to Essential Oils and the Chakras

  • Introduction to the Chakras
  • Chakra Essential Oil Recipes
  • Profiles for Each of the 7 Main Chakras
  • Lists of Essential Oils for Each Chakra

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