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Amazon and Bookstores are Flooded With Misleading Books About Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Buying Reputable Essential Oil Books

It's common for book publishers to automatically send me books or offer to send me books in the hopes that I'll include a review within AromaWeb's Book Review area.

For example, a publicist for a book publisher recently sent me a particular "essential oil" book. It took me all of five minutes to spot glaring errors and see that there was no reference to the author's educational background or length of experience in working with essential oils. I didn't even need to get beyond page 3 to see that she made mistaken claims about what the term therapeutic grade means. The author went on to make the broad claim that essential oils are directly evaluated by the FDA before they are allowed to go to market. That's just not true.

There are many more problematic books about essential oils on the market then there are reliable books. I don't bother including reviews of problematic books within AromaWeb's Book Review area because I want AromaWeb to feature only books that offer valuable information to readers and students.

The situation with the market being flooded with misleading and unhelpful essential oil books is getting worse. The increasing ability and ease for individuals to self publish has so many advantages, but the drawback is it also makes it easy for unqualified individuals to spread inaccurate information.

Even for books that go through a more traditional publishing process, it's clear that not all publishers do much to doublecheck the accuracy of an author's submitted work.

A problem with relying on books written by inexperienced authors is that the information can be untrue, misleading or unsafe. You are also much more likely to get ineffective results or miss out on important information that can make your use of essential oils much more rewarding and beneficial in your lifestyle.

Relying on the number of Amazon book reviews or overall rating for a book can also be misleading. The problematic book that I mentioned in my example above had over 70 reviews on Amazon, with most of those consisting of five-star ratings.

How to Buy Reliable Books About Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Above, I highlight the growing problem with misleading books flooding the market. However, I also want to emphasize and reassure you that there are a lot of extraordinarily helpful, invaluable essential oil books written by authors and educators that have extensive knowledge and experience working with essential oils. I would not be where I am today in my essential oil journey without access to these remarkable resources.

I wrote a guide for AromaWeb entitled What to Look for When Shopping for Essential Oil Books. If you haven't already, I encourage you to read it. Within it, I share a lot of helpful tips for selecting books.

How to Find and Purchase Reputable Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Books

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