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Aromatherapy for Animals

Aromatherapy for Animals

We love our pets so much, that it's understandable that we want to share the benefits that we achieve when using essential oils with them.

However, Essential oils must be used with great care on and around animals and pets. This holds particularly true for cats. Jaden

A few months ago, I adopted Jaden, a 2.5 year old cat that my daughter's friend could no longer care for. If I let myself, I could ramble on and on about his cute little silly self, but I'll restrain myself. :)

Cats can differ in their interest in essential oils. Our last cat Tigger, for example, always wanted to hang out in the kitchen when I was spending time in there blending and formulating with essential oils. I'd need to keep him in Ashley's room when making up more than a couple quick blends. Jaden, on the other hand, loves to check out my fresh cut herbs, but he hates the smell of essential oils. I'm glad for this because that means Jaden will instinctively retreat away from the kitchen if I'm blending.

Even for those of us that use essential oils in our homes regularly, there are some simple things that you can do to help ensure that your cat isn't overexposed to essential oils. For example, I mindfully diffuse only in my home office, and Jaden isn't allowed in my office when I diffuse. Outside of my office, it's easy for me to use an inhaler (I keep them neatly organized in a small lipstick holder) or fragrance testing strip. When using essential oil dilutions topically, I make sure that Jaden doesn't get too close to the region of my body that has the oil applied. Since diffusion shouldn't be done continuously and should be done mindfully, it's not too tough to ensure that your cat isn't inhaling essential oils.

Recommended Animal Aromatherapy Resources

Although I've been working with essential oils for almost 25 years, I'm not an expert on aromatherapy for animals. Similar to the concept of vets specializing in the care of animals and doctors specializing in the care of humans, there are aromatherapy educators and experts that specialize in the use of essential oils specificallly with pets.

Head on over to AromaWeb's Aromatherapy for Animals and Pets article to view details about a wonderful book on aromatherapy for animals and to learn about an incredible animal aromatherapy facebook group that is administered by Kelly Holland Azzaro (R.A., C.C.A.P., C.B.F.P, L.M.T.), past president for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Kelly not only maintains this wonderful resource, but she also offers courses in animal aromatherapy.

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