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Tip: Label the Top of Your Essential Oil Bottles to Quickly Find the Oil You Need

Labeled Essential OilsRegardless of where you store your essential oils...whether it be in a lined case, apothecary drawers or even just in shoeboxes, chances are your storage method makes it difficult to know which oil is which without picking up each bottle to read the label. The more essential oils you have to sift through, the longer it takes to find that one precious oil you want to use at a given moment.

To solve this problem, simply jot down the name of each of your essential oils onto 3-ring paper hole reinforcements or small round white labels and stick them onto the top of your bottles. If you purchase round white labels, you can print out the oil names onto the labels with Word or other word processing/page layout application, or simply handwrite the name of your oil onto the labels. 3-ring reinforcements are small and fit bottles best, but it can be irritating to write on a curve as you'll notice if you try this idea.

Marge Clark, president of Nature's Gift shared the above labeling tip with me over a decade ago, and it has saved me countless hours over the years. Thanks, Marge!

No matter what type of apparatus that you use to store your collection of essential oils, be sure you keep your essential oils stored in dark (amber or cobalt) glass bottles and keep them stored in a cool, dry location. Learn more by reading AromaWeb's Storing Essential Oils article.

When you purchase new oils, it's helpful to also get into the habit adding the date to the label so that you can keep track of the age of the oil.

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