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Why Doesn't AromaWeb/AromaTalk Publish Product Reviews?

Essential OilsI routinely receive requests from companies/artisans asking me to review their products on AromaWeb or AromaTalk. On the surface, having the opportunity to explore a multitude of essential oils and perform reviews greatly peaks my interest. But sadly, I must politely decline such requests.

After founding AromaWeb in 1997, I discovered that the possibility exists for companies to submit an oil or product for review that is superior than what they may sell to customers. In other words, there is a potential risk that the quality/true contents of the essential oil/product that I personally receive for review may not be the exact oil or formulation that a company sells to its customers. Because product reviews are likened to product "endorsements" and there is no efficient, timely or cost-effective way that I can absolutely verify that the product that I review is the exact product sold to customers, it is best that I refrain from performing or publishing individual product reviews.

Although I do not personally review or assess individual essential oils or products, I do feature aromatherapy book descriptions and reviews within AromaWeb's Book Shelf area. Most recently, CRC Press submitted a copy of the Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to include it on AromaWeb. If you are the publisher or author of an essential oil or holistic aromatherapy book and would like for me to consider reviewing it, please use AromaWeb's Book Review Request Form to begin the process.

I also welcome advertising on AromaWeb by companies that give me confidence that they are ethical and knowledgeable about aromatherapy. Although I cannot endorse any advertiser that appears on AromaWeb or AromaTalk, I will never knowingly accept advertising from any company that I suspect promotes unsafe aromatherapy practices or that may be misleading. (I have lost count of the number of companies that I have turned down for advertising on AromaWeb over the years.)

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Potential advertisers, I welcome you to learn more about advertising on AromaWeb by visiting AromaWeb's Advertising Information and In the Media areas.

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