Is All the Hype About Essential Oils and Aromatherapy True?
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Therapeutic Grade and Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils Do Not Exist

Essential Oil BottlesThere is no governmental regulating body that grades or certifies essential oils as "therapeutic grade" or "aromatherapy grade."

Throughout the years, I've noticed a number of companies that use the terms therapeutic grade and sometimes aromatherapy grade. But until recently, I hadn't given these terms serious thought.

I've been a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy(NAHA) for a number of years. Upon recently renewing my membership, I spotted that their membership application/renewal form prohibits membership to those companies that use these terms. I applaud NAHA for taking this stance, and it was this policy that lead me to take a fresh look at the terms therapeutic grade and aromatherapy grade and realize how meaningless and confusing these terms can be to consumers.

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