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TOMORROW July 21: AIA Teleconference Featuring Marge Clark of Nature's Gift

AIA LogoA little birdie (Ann McIntire Wooledge, AIA's Central Regional Representative) recently shared the following:

Marge Clark"Marge Clark of Nature's Gift with her vast amount of knowledge is going to be our speaker at the monthly Alliance of International Aromatherapist's teleconference on Wednesday, July 21. You do need to be a member to participate in these conferences, and if you have the slightest interest in true aromatherapy then this is a great organization to join. Robert Tisserand is head of our research committee, plus we have many other well-know names, such as Marge, who participate and give monthly conferences. We will have a publication coming out soon."

On behalf of AromaWeb, I'm honored that Marge Clark's company Nature's Gift, Inc. is AromaWeb's longest running and presently largest advertiser (over 10 years!). Marge was also a remarkable mentor to me in my aromatherapy beginnings pre-AromaWeb. Marge is a delight to converse with and learn from. Don't miss this teleconference!

Learn more by going to AIA's Site...


Marge Clark

why bless your heart, Wendy... Google alerts just told me you posted this. One correction...I *think*that non members can participate in the teleconferences..there's a fee. Or perhaps it's that they can also buy the CD's afterwards.

fwiw... I'm not talking about 'how I built the business'... you know it was rather an accident ;)... I'm going to talk about the explosion at work last month, what we did right, what we did wrong, what we've since learned. I'll be blogging about it later, but thought it would be a great topic. I'm a bit overwhelmed (and VERY honored!) to be asked to present. Most of the members are "credentialed"... health care providers and researchers whose work I've admired for years.

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