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Using Aromatic Herbs

Peppermint growing against my garage.
  Peppermint growing against my garage.
I spent a couple hours this evening planting lavender and a selection of aromatic herbs like more rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, thyme and curry to join my lavender and herbs that returned from last year. Even though the lavender I planted today was quite precious in size, the aroma was abundant as I watered my new plants. Now that's my kind of aromatherapy!

If you are thinking of planting herbs but aren't sure what to do them beyond using them for culinary purposes, check out the following pages on AromaWeb:

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Other Ideas:

A few years ago, I purchased the smallest Excalibur brand dehydrator model. I love it for drying herbs so that I can enjoy them for culinary, aromatic and medicinal purposes year round. To date, I've been quite pleased with this dehydrator, though you may wish to consider getting one of the larger models.

I also love making my own tea (herbal infusion) using fresh picked or dehydrated herbs from the garden.

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