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Expand Your Aromatherapy Education

AromaWeb School and Educator Directory Much can be learned about essential oils and aromatherapy through the extensive array of aromatherapy books that have been published, AromaWeb, AromaTalk, the Web sites of AromaWeb's valued advertisers, aromatherapy organizations, blogs and networking with other aromatherapy enthusiasts through facebook or Twitter.


The depth of information that you learn from these sources still isn't as expansive, focused or as complete as what you can learn through a more formal education in the field of aromatherapy. And it certainly isn't comprehensive enough to be able to pursue a formal career in the field of aromatherapy. In many ways, aromatherapy combines both science and art. Even if your interest in aromatherapy will not evolve into a professional pursuit, taking a course in aromatherapy can dramatically strengthen your knowledge within the many facets that aromatherapy entails. And if you do have desire to work within the aromatherapy field as a practitioner, education and training is an absolute must. A formal education in aromatherapy is also a tremendous advantage to those that aspire to become artisans, manufacturers or sellers of aromatherapy products.

Some schools and instructors provide their curriculum in a classroom setting. Some schools/educators plan their classes to accommodate students who must travel to the school to attend. Some also offer long distance or online programs for those students that do not reside in close proximity to the school.

For a list of aromatherapy educators, look to AromaWeb's Schools & Educators Directory, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy List of Approved Schools and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists List of Recognized Schools.

For more information on the ways to strengthen your knowledge of aromatherapy, view AromaWeb's Aromatherapy Education article.

Special Note to Experienced Aromatherapy Educators: If you do not already appear wtih within AromaWeb's Schools & Educators Directory, click here to learn how you can become listed.

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Using Aromatic Herbs

Peppermint growing against my garage.
  Peppermint growing against my garage.
I spent a couple hours this evening planting lavender and a selection of aromatic herbs like more rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, thyme and curry to join my lavender and herbs that returned from last year. Even though the lavender I planted today was quite precious in size, the aroma was abundant as I watered my new plants. Now that's my kind of aromatherapy!

If you are thinking of planting herbs but aren't sure what to do them beyond using them for culinary purposes, check out the following pages on AromaWeb:

What are Infused Oils?/How to Make an Infused Oil

Herbal Tincture Recipe for Aromatherapy/Skin Care

Other Ideas:

A few years ago, I purchased the smallest Excalibur brand dehydrator model. I love it for drying herbs so that I can enjoy them for culinary, aromatic and medicinal purposes year round. To date, I've been quite pleased with this dehydrator, though you may wish to consider getting one of the larger models.

I also love making my own tea (herbal infusion) using fresh picked or dehydrated herbs from the garden.

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AromaWeb is Now on Facebook

Social MediaI'm excited to finally be in the beginning stages of setting up a facebook page for AromaWeb.

I use TypePad for the AromaTalk blog, but I'm not a big fan of its commenting system or the amount of bogus comments that I receive. Although I really haven't done much to encourage commenting or discussion here on the blog, I look forward to gradually enhancing AromaWeb's facebook presence and encouraging lively discussion about aromatherapy, essential oils and AromaWeb there.

I warmly welcome you to connect with me and AromaWeb through facebook by clicking here. When you get to AromaWeb's facebook page, please be sure to click on the "Like" button at the top of the page.


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Book Review: The Sacred Art of Anointing by Allison Stillman

The Sacred Art of AnointingAdded to AromaWeb's Book Shelf section is a review of the book The Sacred Art of Anointing by Allison Stillman.

Many may find that The Sacred Art of Anointing makes an enlightening secondary book on utilizing essential oils within spiritual applications, including anointing ceremonies and chakra work. I can sense that Stillman is eager to share the blessings and enlightenment that she has received over the course or her time in working with essential oils for anointing, and that energy resonates within the pages. I certainly mirror a number of her experiences/observations including Frankincense's use within meditation and its ability to enhance spiritual consciousness. The book, however, is rather disorganized in how the content is presented, and there is no index. I elaborate on these concerns within the full review. Associate of the Month

Out of 1 million associates, AromaWeb was selected as the Associate of the Month for July, 2001.

I would love to see a revised edition of The Sacred Art of Anointing put into print. With some edits and better organization, this book could prove to be a much more useful and more often referenced guide to the use of essential oils for anointing, meditation, prayer and other spiritual applications.

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