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Book Review: The Sacred Art of Anointing by Allison Stillman

The Sacred Art of AnointingAdded to AromaWeb's Book Shelf section is a review of the book The Sacred Art of Anointing by Allison Stillman.

Many may find that The Sacred Art of Anointing makes an enlightening secondary book on utilizing essential oils within spiritual applications, including anointing ceremonies and chakra work. I can sense that Stillman is eager to share the blessings and enlightenment that she has received over the course or her time in working with essential oils for anointing, and that energy resonates within the pages. I certainly mirror a number of her experiences/observations including Frankincense's use within meditation and its ability to enhance spiritual consciousness. The book, however, is rather disorganized in how the content is presented, and there is no index. I elaborate on these concerns within the full review. Associate of the Month

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I would love to see a revised edition of The Sacred Art of Anointing put into print. With some edits and better organization, this book could prove to be a much more useful and more often referenced guide to the use of essential oils for anointing, meditation, prayer and other spiritual applications.

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