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Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles

Organic Body Care RecipesFor the beginning to intermediate body care product crafter, Organic Body Care Recipes is a must-have for your personal library. This 378-page book includes valuable introductory information, relevant facts and tips, an ingredient dictionary, and as the book title implies, a large selection of recipes.

Unlike many recipe books that I tend to come across, Organic Body Care Recipes includes a bit more complementary information, application tips, packaging recommendations and ideas for customizing your own recipes. Associate of the Month

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The word organic is an adjective that loosely means living matter. It is likely that the use of the word organic in the book's title may confuse some consumers who may think that the book requires the use of certified organic ingredients. Crafters can use conventional (not organic) natural ingredients and do not have to stick with using strictly organic ingredients.

Organic Body Care Recipes is not an aromatherapy-specific book, but it emphasizes all-natural or nearly all-natural recipes and includes recipes that do fit within the definition of holistic aromatherapy.

For beginners, the Ingredient Dictionary portion of the book is worth the cost of the book alone.

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