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January 25, 2010



Wendy, Green Valley Aromatherapy has been the victim of plagiarism many times in our 15 years of business. In one instance someone had duplicated our site entirely and was selling it on ebay for $15!!! We contacted the 3 people who had purchased it (all immediately took action) and ebay banned the seller. We have been plagiarised so many times that we do a regular sweep of the web to find perpetrators.

Tip - to find web-based plagiarism, highlight a unique portion of text from your site and drop it into a google search with quotations around it. Unless yours is the only site coming up with that text, you've been robbed!

Thank you for bringing this subject up!

Wendy Robbins

Wow - thank you for sharing your story. It's important for us to spread the word and share our stories so that those who plagiarize others will think twice and take the time to understand the consequences to themselves. Robert Tisserand mentioned on my FB that a company in China has taken and created a "Robert Tisserand" brand without his consent. It's amazing all the many ways that unscrupulous individuals find to fraudulently profit from other people's intellectual property and outstanding reputations. It sounds like they took the entire Green Valley Aromatherapy site and were reselling it as an actual site template? Protecting our intellectual property including trademarks is an essential part of business.

Thank you for sharing the search tip! lol, I do cringe every time I do particular content searches as I know I'm likely to find yet another site that has lifted my work. I'm pretty numb to it all by now, but I still dread the time that's involved.

Green Valley Aromatherapy

We cringe too! Speaking of the Tisserands, did you know that we are the Canadian distributors of Maggie's new Benchmark Thyme? It is a fantastic oil and the research she's had done on it is quite impressive.


I've lost track of how many times we've been plagiarized. There are a few key phrases I search on...personal descriptions that no one else would have written, that I like to search for. But, mostly, our friends and clients find them and bring to my attention. (Bless them!) The most outrageous is by a company that uses our trademark for their products. I have a lawyer pursuing them, since they are only trademarked "for use as a solvent"... who would use a solvent in a "Rose Cream"??? Several times, resellers went to our website and cut and pasted our description of Rose Otto into their product description. Not our product, but my intellectual property. It is really important that we defend our intellectual property. If you published it online, whether the copyright notice shows or not, it IS copyrighted.

Remember, though, Wendy... it is, after all, flattering! ;)

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