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Lavender and a Rose Surrounding a Sprig of Rosemary
Lavender and a Rose Surrounding a Sprig of Rosemary  
I was in a typical rush this evening between errands, texting my daughter off at college, helping two of AromaWeb's valued advertisers and taking out the trash (hmmm a line from Liz Phair's song Extraordinary just popped into my head) when my blooming roses caught my eye - and nose. Now that's my kind of aromatherapy.

I still consider myself a novice gardener of just a few short years. This year, my time for gardening has been much more limited, and I'm thrilled that my plants have been fairly forgiving. As much as I silently groan about some of the stereotypical aspects of living in Metro-Detroit, I can't help but love the four seasons and enjoying roses and many of my other herbs/plants well into the Fall months.

Shown above are lavender, a rose and a sprig of rosemary that I picked moments ago. I just had to share! Are you making time to stop and "smell the roses?"



I get really bad headaches and aromatherapy helps a lot. -Healthy Lifestyle

Wendy Robbins

I get them from time to time as well, Tiffany, and I couldn't agree more. Lavender and spearmint are my personal faves when I find a headache coming on. Thanks for your comment. I'm looking forward to checking out the healthy lifestyle tips on your blog. -Wendy

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