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Stopping to Smell the Roses

Lavender and a Rose Surrounding a Sprig of Rosemary
Lavender and a Rose Surrounding a Sprig of Rosemary  
I was in a typical rush this evening between errands, texting my daughter off at college, helping two of AromaWeb's valued advertisers and taking out the trash (hmmm a line from Liz Phair's song Extraordinary just popped into my head) when my blooming roses caught my eye - and nose. Now that's my kind of aromatherapy.

I still consider myself a novice gardener of just a few short years. This year, my time for gardening has been much more limited, and I'm thrilled that my plants have been fairly forgiving. As much as I silently groan about some of the stereotypical aspects of living in Metro-Detroit, I can't help but love the four seasons and enjoying roses and many of my other herbs/plants well into the Fall months.

Shown above are lavender, a rose and a sprig of rosemary that I picked moments ago. I just had to share! Are you making time to stop and "smell the roses?"

How to Shop for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products

Shopping for Essential OilsI want to spend a few moments highlighting and encouraging readers to view AromaWeb's collection of How to Shop for Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Natural Products articles. The information contained within these articles is enlightening and will give you a strong foundation towards learning what you need to know to be a savvy shopper of essential oils, natural ingredients, aromatherapy products and other natural personal care products.

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Read the 17 tips contained in this helpful article to ensure that you know what to look for when shipping for essential oils.

Organic Essential Oils
Organic essential oils may be superior to non-organic oils. Find out more by reading this article.

How to Buy Aromatherapy Products
Armed with the background information and tips described in this article, you will be able to experience the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy grade products. This article will give you a solid foundation that will help you shop for and select quality aromatherapy products.

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This article provides details regarding the most common toxic ingredients found in skin care products.

All About Diffusers
From the simple to the elaborate, many different methods exist for diffusing oils into a room or area. Learn all about diffusion and the different types of diffusers that are available.

Incense and Aromatherapy
Natural resins, gums and herbs have been burned as incense since ancient times for its spiritual, medicinal/healing, fragrancing and odor-masking properties. This article will briefly introduce you to the different types of incense and will provide guidance on your quest to explore the delights of natural incense.

Aromatherapy Candles
Why do candles have a very limited role in holistic aromatherapy despite the word aromatherapy being frequently used in the marketing of major commercial candle brands? Read this article to discover the answer and to also find out what to look for in natural candles.

As you shop, please do make it your priority to patronize the companies that support AromaWeb. AromaWeb's advertisers support AromaWeb's mission to be an invaluable online informational resource that provides in-depth aromatherapy information. Visit the Web sites of AromaWeb's banner advertisers and the advertisers within AromaWeb’s Global Business Plaza and Local Business Plaza. Although AromaWeb cannot make any endorsement for its advertisers, AromaWeb will never knowingly accept advertising from any company that is suspected of being unethical.

AromaWeb Announces the Launch of Its Aromatherapy Spirituality & Enlightenment Collection of Articles

Essential Oils Being DiffusedI'm pleased to introduce AromaWeb's new Aromatherapy Spirituality & Enlightenment collection of articles. The new Aromatherapy Spirituality & Enlightenment category of AromaWeb's Article Archive currently features ten articles. I look forward to seeing this new area evolve to cover a growing and diverse range of spiritual topics. Each of these articles will discuss how aromatherapy and essential oils can enhance spirituality and enlightenment.

As a sidenote, I've been working diligently over the past few evenings to put the finishing touches on these articles for publication tonight. I reflected throughout the week on the tragedy and thought it would be meaningful for this section to be published today, 09/11/09. My thoughts & prayers are with all those lost or that lost a loved one on 9/11. If you are grieving over 9/11 or any other loss, do visit AromaWeb's Blends to Help Cope with Grief recipe page for ideas on essential oil blends that may help you during your grieving process.

I welcome you to read and explore the new Aromatherapy Spirituality & Enlightenment category of AromaWeb's Article Archive:

Essential Oils for Spirituality
This article includes a categorized list of essential oils known for their particular value within spiritual applications.

Meditating With Essential Oils
Proper use of essential oils during meditation can enhance the experience by grounding you and promoting a sense of calm. Read this article to learn more.

Praying With Essential Oils
Essential oils can be diffused as you pray to help you focus your thoughts and prayers. Learn more within this article.

Aromatic Botanicals, Aromatherapy and the Bible
In ancient Biblical times, the distillation technology needed to distill essential oils hadn't yet been discovered. Learn about the aromatic botanicals and oils that were available at the time.

Aromatic Botanicals of the Bible
View a list of the botanicals mentioned throughout the bible. Each includes an example Biblical passage.

Anointing With Essential Oils
Using carrier oils and essential oils, you can create your own anointing oils for use during prayer, meditation or during times in which you want to express your gratitude or intention towards a particular goal or outcome.

Incense and Spirituality
Incense made with natural ingredients can be burned during times of meditation, prayer, general reflection or to help cleanse and clear the air and make a space sacred.

Essential Oils to Cleanse, Purify and Combat Negativity
Essential oils have the potential to uplift our spirit, purify the environment and combat the negativity that we experience daily.

Native American Smuding Rituals
Native Americans use fragrant natural herbs like sage, sweetgrass, juniper, cedar and pine/pinon needles to help cleanse and clear the air of negative influences and attract positive energy.

Aromatherapy and Astrology
Aromatherapy and astrology are two fields that aren't considered closely connected. You, however, can integrate the benefits of aromatherapy into what you know about yourself and your loved ones through your insight into astrology.