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AromaWeb/AromaTalk Update

Wendy Robbins
Wendy Robbins  
I've been posting less frequently lately, and want to peak out from behind my monitor to briefly mention some of the upcoming projects that I'm working on for AromaWeb behind the scenes. I will be posting more regularly again soon...

Advertiser Spotlight:
I am presently in the midst of developing a new area to recognize and showcase AromaWeb's largest advertisers. Through their advertising dollars, AromaWeb's valued advertisers support AromaWeb's efforts to share objective, honest information about the field of holistic aromatherapy with the public. In the coming months, AromaWeb looks forward to introducing you to each of AromaWeb's largest advertisers by including detailed profiles of each advertiser within the upcoming Advertiser Spotlight area.

Aromatherapy and Spirituality:
I've also been busy working on AromaWeb's upcoming Aromatherapy and Spirituality article section. In addition to doing research on the spiritual practices of several world religions, I'm presently delving further into understanding Native American smudging rituals and will be integrating information about smudging on AromaWeb in the future.

Book Reviews:
I'm in the midst of (slowly) reading/working on a couple new book reviews.

Aromatherapy Calendar of Events:
Continue to keep an eye out for an upcoming Aromatherapy Calendar of Events on AromaWeb. I will be launching it asap.

On a personal note, my daughter Ashley is heading off to college in a week. My time is more limited at the moment as we prepare for her move. Please bear with me as I will not be as quick to respond to inquiries over the next week or so.


Wendy Robbins
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