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Aromatherapy Room Mists - Simple and Inexpensive to Make

A Selection of Room Mists That I Created for Personal Use
A selection of room mists that I created for personal use.  
With just 2-3 ingredients and a spray bottle, it couldn't be easier to create your own room mist style of air freshener. You can make them at a fraction of the cost of the synthetic and potentially harmful mass-market air fresheners.

Candle diffusers and nebulizers are ideal for creating a long-lasting aroma, but it can take a few minutes to prepare your diffuser and add essential oils each time you use it. And unless you use tealights that are made with 100% vegetable based waxes like soy or beeswax, you will be emitting toxins into the air as you use your candle diffuser. See the below two AromaTalk posts for more information:

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Room mists take only a matter of minutes to make. Once made, a few quick sprays is all it takes to enjoy the aroma and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils that you included in your room mist.

Room mists can be kept in each room of your home. They are also a convenient way to include aromatherapy within your travels. When staying in hotels, I pack a cold/flu/germ fighter room mist that I immediately spray within the room and on all bed linens/fabrics. Add a little lemon to it, and it also helps to freshen the room and rid the room of any stale odors.

While I prefer to meditate and pray while using a candle diffuser, I keep a selection of single-note essential oil room mists that I use when I am limited on time or simply want to take a moment to re-focus or ground myself. I will be adding a section about aromatherapy and spirituality to AromaWeb sometime during 2009. I will be elaborating on this topic within that series of articles.

Room Mist Recipe

You can find this easy recipe by checking out AromaWeb's Room Mist Air Freshener Recipe. Afterwards, be sure to visit AromaWeb's Recipe Box for even more aromatherapy recipes.

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