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Myrrh Essential Oil May Help Gum Health

Myrrh Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil  
Myrrh Essential Oil is said to be helpful in maintaining good gum health and combating gum disease. I do not have any scientific data to back that up, but over the years, I've read about countless individuals that have mentioned that adding a drop of myrrh essential oil to their mouthrinse has made a difference in the health of their gums or in their recovery from periodontal disease.

Flossing: Before or After?

Until recently, I used to floss after I brushed my teeth. That's a routine that stuck with me since I was first taught to floss at a young age. Recently, however, I learned that it's best to floss before brushing so that the debris caught between teeth can be loosened and carried away as we brush. Makes perfect sense to me!

For the naturally inclined, dental floss made with natural fibers and/or natural waxes is available.

Alcohol Based Mouthwashes May Increase Cancer Risk

Unless your dentist advises otherwise, finishing your dental care regimine with an alcohol-free mouthwash/rinse is a good idea. Ask your dentist about the concerns with using oral care rinses that include alcohol. Apparently, there are much higher incidences of various oral cancers (mouth/throat/tongue) by those that use alcohol based mouthwashes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a Common Ingredient in Toothpastes

Brushing Teeth
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, abbreviated SLS, is used primarily in bubble baths, shampoos, liquid soaps and other products where good lather is saught. It is also a common ingredient in toothpastes. At the time of this writing, it is even used in the Tom's of Maine line of "natural" toothpastes - with the exception of its newer non-SLS line. SLS, however, draws moisture from the skin and can cause drying and irritation. Individuals that experience frequent chapped lips, cold sores or other mouth and gum irritations may especially want to consider avoiding dental products that contain SLS. For more information about harmful ingredients used in personal care products, see AromaWeb's Harmful Skin Care Ingredients article.


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Thank you for the post. I agree with you that flossing before tooth brush is the best rather than flossing after tooth brushing.


Thank you for the tips. Before I used to brush first before flossing but now I know what is the best. I am applying what I am learning here.


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