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January 03, 2009


Sheryl Karas

Thanks for a nice article about an essential oil rather helpful to me right now. I just moved to the Arizona high desert under traumatic and still challenging circumstances and found myself surrounded by miles of juniper trees. I became very curious about the oil because of this and discovered to my surprise that it was exactly what I need right now -- to cleanse away emotional toxicity and negative influences. I took a bath with juniper oil added and it helped right away. Later I added it to one of my own custom blends and like how it complemented the formula I had previously made. I highly recommend it!

I have a photograph of juniper trees in this habitat I live in now and a blog about juniper oil's potential use in helping people through the economic crisis we face today at http://healingcommunication.blogspot.com/2008/12/desert-light.html . Maybe readers of this blog will enjoy that one, too.


Hi Sheryl,

Thank you for your comment and link. I can certainly relate on a personal level to why Juniper Berry Essential Oil is the oil of choice for you right now. I'm a spiritual person and am never out of awe for how we often are given or shown exactly what we need, when we need it. I've never picked and dried fresh juniper berries, but is something I'd love to do someday during future travels. I purchase dried juniper berries and use them in a variety of ways including as an ingredient in natural incense - see http://www.aromaweb.com/articles/incense.asp

I skimmed your Desert Light blog post and am impressed by your thoughts and captivating language. I'm brain dead at the moment from wrapping up long hours of working on AromaWeb over this weekend, but look forward to reading it slowly and thoroughly later. Your photo is a beautiful complement to your post. My best to you in your present journey and circumstances.

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