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August 29, 2009


W.D. Lane

I have had patchouli plants for 3 or 4 years now. they do not like the cold at all, and if you bring them inside you have to keep them in bright sun or a very bright light. 99% of the time they will drop all there leefs and new ones will start growing.

Shirley Te Whaiti

I bought some pure patcholi oil for my burner. At first the smell was just like patcholi should be, now when I burn it, it smells like oranges. Why would this be?? Even when I smell the pure oil it is very much like orange??

Wendy Robbins

Shirley, as an initial guess: is it possible that someone in your household mixed your patchouli essential oil with orange EO? Sweet orange essential oil blends well with patchouli and is a somewhat common combination.

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